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Chris and Sue Rudolph are the husband and wife owner and operator team that has been providing house cleaning services in CT through their company, The Maids, since 2002. Along with their daughters they have worked hard to bring the most thorough house cleaning in Connecticut to the Danbury and Tribury Area. Sue can be found out in the field doing in home inspections and sales, while Chris handles all the advertising and business relations of The Maids.


Kristi Schoff (right) and Melissa Rudolph (left) are the dynamic sister duo that run The Maids day–to-day activities. Kristi takes on the role of operations manager, while Melissa takes on partial field manager duties, sales, and maintaining aspects of The Maids social media. Together they work to keep the teams on track, cluster cleans on a day-to-day basis, and make sure that The Maids keep up their extraordinary standards, delivering the kind of house cleaning Connecticut residents can count on.

Sandra Ramirez has worked for The Maids since 2003 and has been working hard as the team leader of the green team. We are excited to add her to our management staff where she is taking on an office/field manager role. She will take over all employee training checking on teams and new team members, all the while maintaining her high standards when it comes to providing the best house cleaning services CT has to offer. Upon completing the corporate field manager training she will become even more advanced with sales and customer relations.

nelvaNelva Sari is the newest addition to The Maids management team taking on the role of field manager. Being the eyes and ears on the outside of the office, Nelva will work one on one with training, quality assurance checks, and customer relations. From checking on first time cleans, to regular service customers homes and even helping with sales and in home quotes we are excited to have Nelva as part of The Maids family!

More About Us

Imagine coming home and finding that someone else has cleaned your entire house from top to bottom. If you hire a maid or house cleaner (most people use these titles interchangeably), you can actually live out this dream on a regular basis! With the busy schedules and demands of juggling family life with a career, more people are turning to outside professionals to help them handle the tasks involved in taking care of the their home and keeping them clean. You can hire The Maids – Cleaning Services, CT to come in once a week or once a month, depending on your budget and your needs. Or if you don’t want to commit to a regular schedule, some people just opt to have someone come in to clean before guests come or before holidays or other special occasions. Further, some may even just splurge once a year on a team of house cleaners or maids to perform an annual spring cleaning/overhaul.

Cleaning Service CT About Us


How much you spend on a house cleaner can depend on many factors. Most maids and/or services will want to come to your home for an initial walk-through in order to tell you what they will charge. How large your home is, what shape it is in, how cluttered it is, whether you have children and pets, and how often you want someone to clean will all be considered into the final amount you will pay. In order for carpet cleaning companies to make a profit on homes with less than 1000 sq ft of carpet, they have to raise the price per sq ft. The company still has to drive out to your house, unroll all of their hoses, set up their equipment, do the work, and then break it all back down. This takes time. So don’t feel that you are being ripped off if your price per square foot is higher than your neighbors’. This is an industry standard. Make sure to specify what you expect from a Connecticut house cleaning service so they will know how to price your job accordingly. Most cleaners do regular vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing, but usually will charge more to include something like cleaning windows, dusting blinds or scrubbing the inside of your oven or refrigerator. Generally, individual maids will charge less for their cleaning than services, since the services have more overhead to pay and this is factored into their costs. In addition, Prices start at about $50 to clean a small apartment twice a month, and can go on up to $250 or more to regularly clean a five bedroom, two-story home. Larger homes or less frequent visits can cost even more. In addition, one time cleaning, such as when you move in, or out of, a new home or want a seasonal overhaul, can start at $150 for a small place and go up to about $500 for a larger house in need of more work.

Regularly Clean

Generally if you hire a house cleaning service in CT to come every week, you will get a better price per visit because your home will be easier to keep clean on a regular basis. If you only want someone to come in once a month, this visit will take longer and therefore will cost more as a result. In addition, some cleaners will charge you more for their first visit since they will want to do a more thorough cleaning to get things up to their standards. After that, the price will usually remain consistent unless you add in extra services. The typical cost to clean your carpet ranges from 15 cents to 45 cents per square foot. Dirty carpets take longer to clean and you must understand that. This means if you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months like you are supposed to, then the cost to have your carpet cleaned should be on the low end of the scale. That’s because it will not take very long to clean your carpets. There’s no doubt about it that regular carpet cleaning is a good idea. It’s the best way to maintain better looking, healthier, and longer lasting carpets.

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Greater Danbury and Litchfield Counties including the communities of Beacon Falls, Bethel, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Danbury, Gaylordsville, Huntington, Monroe, New Fairfield, New Milford, Newtown, Redding, Ridgefield, Sandy Hook, Sherman, Trumbull and West Redding, Bethlehem, Litchfield, Middlebury, Naugatuck, New Preston, Oakville, Oxford, Plymouth, Prospect, Roxbury, Seymour, Shelton, Southbury, Terryville, Thomaston, Washington, Waterbury, Watertown, Wolcott, Woodbury, CT

House Cleaning Services, CT – About Us

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